2010 wake up

there’s a relieved, almost desperate energy to the air today. we can smell it. no matter which direction we turn, we’re faced with throngs of global citizens desperate for the clock to strike midnight. a twelve bell fuck you to the millennium’s first decade – rife with war, greed, corruption and terror.

 terrorism showed its newest iteration of face during a christmas morning close call – an almost laughable attempt at statement-making if safety, joy and life weren’t put to risk because of some guy’s panties.
though a rather grim prediction on this eve of the new year, the truth is that terror will continue to play a supporting role in our next act. our governments have buried us in a mess of war (peace distrupted solely for the purpose of profit and economic stimulus). until now, that war was being fought behind oz’s curtain – after all, what good is the army of workers, spenders and procreators if they’re faced with violent realities they play hand in?
but terror and fear will make its journey across the pond in continued manifestations. from an increasing variation of pockets on earth. for different gods. for different purposes. for different (and surprising) political agendas. the veil over our eyes will lift, and we’ll be faced with the stark and violent truth that the world needs to change.
and it will. because of us.
we’ve got to undersatnd. the tsa is glueing travelers to their seats, removing basic rights, freedoms (and pee breaks) bunging up the entire world’s travel system for 12hrs at a time. not because this will protect us. but because it gives the dazed and confused the illusion that we’re protected. it’s nothing but advertising. public relations. all is well, keep calm with no carry on, and continue on your boxing day way. be aware of what’s just for show. understand the motivation behind beauraucratic direction. take note of it, and share it.
we’ve got to take action. if jasper shuringa had followed the tsa’s rules of engagement, the christmas panty bomber very well may have had his way. awareness and action of humans by humans is crucial. it may be difficult (its been made that way) but every day we have the ability to act. stop violence. demand change through our dollars.
and we’ve got to better understand. we should each be thinking bigger, striving to see the world from a higher perspective. discovering how all of the pieces work in play to construct a (quite literal) money machine. a machine that’s fueled by trouble and fear. understand it. and understand the role you play within it.
wishing the world more empathy, joy and peace with each coming day. bless.
(no idea where image was stolen from, but this is a logging site in south america)

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  1. lisa says:

    Interesting – care to expand on how we can demand change through our dollars? Any particulars you'd like to promote?

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