ask brasandranties

we’ve been sitting on this particular query – holding it awkwardly, little fumbles as we attempt to maneuver through. as though it was never meant to be ours at all. in retrospect, we’re not quite sure what the problem was – we’ve never been one to hold back our opinion. what felt then like a waver of heart we now know to be mercury in retrograde (serious, susan miller, get on that shit). thus, we blog.

brasandranties. you must get this often, but please share: what’s your very best advice for those of us wanting to start a blog ourselves?
the truth. what brasandranties knows now is that we know nothing at all. and that in itself may be the key. because the beauty in the blog is the ability – to turn it into your own dialogue, your own voice, your mind’s eye. it can become whatever it is you endeavour, providing you work and you work it out. it’s got to be real, sourced from somewhere so deep it’s almost inexplicable. it’s got to be your own. and if it is, and you’re bloggin: that’s a blog baby.
that being said whether we’re equipped to advise is still very much up in the air. but, since you asked, if we were to look back and take lesson, here’s what we got:
* figure out your point of difference. what makes you unique (and more interesting) amongst to all the rest. there are a fuck load of (bad) blogs out there. no point being one of them.
* don’t share too much. don’t share too little. locate the line, dance along it lazily languidly through life. it aint easy, but don’t stress. share too much: expect problems. share too little: low readership. find your way to stay interesting whilst staying out of the fishbowl.
* expect growing pains. within your relationships, within your voice, and especially with your momentum. people don’t like being blogged about (yet people are the richest territory there is) personally, we think people should lighten up (facebook as micropublisher hello) but that’s just us. but this is just our blog. work through the bullshit – like anything else, it comes and goes.
* chug through the volatility. your own, your audience’s. the most important truth: we have to own those waves, the way our emotions direct our words, product, art. it’s about the journey, not about the brand. the audience you resonate with at present will come along. you don’t want the rest anyway.
* stay true. good product means eyeballs. eyeballs mean advertisers. it’s an inevitable double-edged sword teasing any blogette author. if your wish is to turn your passion – your writing – into your source of income (and we should hope the fuck it is) then integration with business simply must go down. as pitches are thrown and media planners come a-knocking, remember to be choiceful with what manifests as yours. don’t forget they’re pitching a lot of balls, all damn day long.
* set your own rules. it’s easy to fall into it, the habits, mores, expectations of what a blog is. what a blog should be. say what you will and create what you want. and no you don’t have to do it on the daily (every day is so yesterday) but you do have to keep trucking. set a pace and make it stick – build it into your routine and take it seriously.
* dream big… the internet opens the gates of the world right to us. a click can bring words across oceans. it’s extraordinary, and undoubtedly the reason so many are drawn to it. when you envision, go bigger than you first think possible. it’s possible.
* …but don’t act it already. until you’re making the lainey million, you’re pretty much no one. it’s just a blog, man.