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brasandranties, hoping you can help. straight up: i checked my boyfriend’s phone and saw some highly suspicious behaviour. i’ll spare you the details but it’s been effectively agreed that i’m getting two-timed. so how to bring it up without seeming the creep? lots of love. (obv) anonymous.
oh dear. well, you seem appropriately convinced of his conniving activities, so we won’t waste our blogette breath trying to defend the fool. let’s agree to call a spade a schmuck and move along. which is exactly the point: you creeped his phone, he’s proactively attempting to bone others, and you’re the one who’s worried? get your head together. he’s breaking deals, dude. your breach of privacy is nothing compared with his breach of promise.
there are very few of us could truthfully, convincingly state that we’ve never (ever) checked a lover’s phone. oh fine, we know it aint right. and experience dictates it should be avoided at all possible costs (you’ll drive yourself nuts at every innuendo, trust). but once someone has cause to worry, once their radar’s raging, they wind up snooping the berry. it’s just a fact of life. you’re human. he’s a horndog.
tell the truth as to how you conceived your adulterous accusations, then ask him calmly and directly to explain. whatever you do, do not throw the blackberry: at his head or out the window (uh, just trust). be chill as you demand your (deserved) explanation. from that point forward it’s up to you to trust your gut: its voice is always a bit louder than love’s, fear’s. it will probably tell you to dump the dude. so do it. you deserve better. best of luck x brasandranties

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn't even ask-just dump. He'd be a major dumbass to not figure out why you just left him and gave no explaination.

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