at least she had a glamorous ruin

we were greeted earlier today by a dear friend, who almost immediately proclaimed that he couldn’t remember the last time he’d seen us looking so tired. bras and ranties obviously hasn’t bounced back from our epic weekend quite yet.

it rolled off our back only after a wee scolding for the poor lad, but it is no coincidence that we are currently blogging en masque (dermalogica power vitamin recovery somethingorother) and are seriously considering a gee beauty spa visit this coming freelance friday. our penchant for late nights and occasionally wicked living are obviously telling their tales on our skin.

seems that many of you are taking november as opportunity to whip back into good health, prior to undoing it all again in december. we feel ya. we’re trying to do the same. though the reformer is not getting nearly enough bras and ranties love, we must admit.

big ups to those of you with the power of will to stand the ultimate test: the cleanse. we know we love our food and our drink much much too much to do similar, undoubtedly fabulous (and slimming) effects aside. but for the sake of our chi (and for our startled colleagues) we’ll at least jump back on the good living train for a while now. run-down is just not a good look for us.