back in the saddle

top of the morning, year and decade to you this snowy monday.
seems most of us rose out of bed this morning anxious to kick the year off right. to get back to our desks and our inboxes, our to-dos and deliverables with a renewed gumption and energy. we give you til 1130.

bras and ranties has already had our best intentions deflated, as we spent most of the weekend working through the project that pains us the very most. in retrospect, this beast of a problem would have best been left in 2009 (along with our privacy, our impeccable non-falling track record and all of our patent leather) but we suppose the loose ends are there to be tied.
but it seems there’s nothing quite like a new decade to test newly-imposed resolution for change. in fact, we’ve already broken two of our own (and added one more). we prefer to think of these things as more organic. a ‘we’ll try that one again tomorrow’ type of philosophy. these sweeping gestures of self-improvement don’t really work for us.

2 thoughts on “back in the saddle”

  1. Anonymous says:

    What do you have against patent leather?

  2. admin says:

    we've just never really liked it: the shine, the sound. we've banned the stuff from our wardrobe. personal decision, but envision every item you have in patent leather and we'll bet you it looks better soft, matte and buttery.

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