bad balls, rogers. bad balls.

the bad chi blackberry continues to haunt my life.

after the track ball croaked last week, i called and ordered a replacement bb – willing to risk rim’s inevitable realization that the thing’s been dropped 87 times. rogers told me it would arrive in 3-5 days, i retorted with my mandatory sarcastic comment and we said our goodbyes.

imagine my pleasant surprise when my doorbell rings under 24 hours later. it’s ups, delivering my package from rogers. am i in the twilight zone? has rogers actually done something right for once, leaving a perplexed yet satisfied consumer in their wake? was that a pig up there?

i gleefully cut open the package to reveal my prize; an empty box. blackberry stolen. turns out it happens a lot, since even the most brain damaged of fools can identify that a small rectangular box with a return address for rogers probably has some type of score within.

upon informing rogers of the unfortunate news (yet somewhat unsurprising, considering how my days roll out lately) i was then told it would take up to three weeks to process the theft claim. until then, no new blackberry for me.

the gold sequined lining to this telecommunication cloud is that my trackball miraculously sprang back to life this morning, so i really don’t need the new beebs anyway. i guarantee this goes to shit once i try and explain this one.

fuck it. i’m getting an iphone.