bad wang.

though i’m generally of the school of thought that no press is bad press, i must admit that i think vera wang is making a grave mistake by going on dancing with the stars.

i’m sorry, but i can’t watch this horseshit. i just. don’t. care. i prefer stories and good writing, not washed up soap stars dancing the tango.

and while i’m always a fan of accessibility within fashion, i can’t help but think that putting vera in the average american living room twice a week erodes the premium nature of her brand. granted, this could be what she’s going for, what with her extensive perfume line-up and her lavender lable for kohl’s.
in my opinion when wedding dresses cease to be aspirational, they cease to be relevant. who wants an everyday designer creating the dress of their dreams? or any of their pieces, for that matter? certainly not bras and ranties.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    wow. she it just me, but she looks tired & exausted in that photo?!

    forget dancing – she needs a nap!

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