beautiful boys

bras and ranties had a dream last night, the dramatics of our imagination delivering a process of men past and present, paraded in eye-witness lineup for the decidedly less sinister. we’d lost something, so lost we can’t even quite remember what we’re searching for amongst the memories, pockets and person of our boys. a procession of heartfelt inclinations making their timely way across our interior theater.

the dream, however curious the message, inspired the observation that – by god – we’ve pulled some bloody handsome men. the farther we traverse through life, the more delicious they in fact become. more than one occasion has left bras and ranties well aware (and relatively unfettered) that we are batting in an entirely new (aesthetic) league. at least we’re playing.
while marveling at the gallery (certainly a sight to behold) we realized with a start, in an instant: the prettier these boys get the less practical they become. the farther they fall from our fundamental desires. the longer the jump from who they are to what we want. a few wouldn’t even satisfy our base man-mandatories (if they were being so evaluated).
and while it’s been a rather delicious human experiment in which to partake, we can’t help but wonder if we’re not starting to fall victim to the cycle: the transient, unsettled journey of most men, shuffling through their dating deck with ease, languor and flexibility. wrapped in a story of taste and curiosity, fewer persons able to cause impact. fewer persons breaking through.
in fact the farther we wander, the more easily we become uprooted, the greater our propensity to travel lost. we move swept in a sea of pretty lost creatures, bras and ranties left unknowingly in vertigo, cerebral illusions interrupting the path from whence we came. the things we want. the humanity we need. the love we desire. instead these tiny puddles are left flooded with our version of light rain, their vast unknown a safe playground within our span of context. the beautiful, worlds removed from the damned.

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  1. Kev says:

    Quite the trend… and very interesting observations. The question is: do you continue on this path and if so will you be able to find a boy that can make an impact beyond just being pretty?

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