the best mirror, an old friend

all around us live cliques of chicks, tight as tight can be considering their circumstance. we ourself have never functioned all that well as one of many, girl-on-girl dynamics dramatics just a little too much for this already amply-tortured soul. the twice we’ve tried (first junior high, the next a decade later) ended in scratches and a seeming civil war (respectively) so we’ve come to learn it’s just not really our thing. instead we tend to find our friends peppered across the planes of life, a galaxy of sole stars shimmering. tangled garden of bright wild things. to each her own, we suppose.

we’ve been struck like lightning: deep, fundamental and in multiplicity over this weekend, upon unremitting consideration of the potency of a friendship. oh not the ones that run in revolutions, not the ones that let you lay down low. those true connections. the mates of the soul. the chosen family.

we’ve been moved to tears at the beauty of one, the dreams of another, in tandem with the pain of a third. a soggy muddled mess, bursts of joy tumbling against the punches of loss. never prior has life felt so complex, so very curious. never quite has the light, the sense of the nonsensical seemed so far from reach. but never before has brasandranties felt so full, so rich with what it is we have, with whom we love. with whom loves us in return.
the human condition requires tenacity of thought, the tally of blessings, purposeful perspective on all that we have. while it may only be natural to just grant these your givens, the truth is that these very things are the very point. the only point. they come together, weaving an unexpected, organic tapestry called life. and as we were surrounded and supported by our closest, we learnt that in turn we surround and support. we realized with a force the real function, true fortune: the acceptance, reciprocity, perpetuity. the love. so thank you (thank you always) for being a friend.

3 thoughts on “the best mirror, an old friend”

  1. AOK says:

    Sooo true – just had one of those nights myself this past weekend. Looking into a friends face truly provides us with the most honest reflection of ourselves.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well ya, you are the company you keep, plain and simple.

  3. Anonymous says:

    rough night?

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