poo. bras and ranties had a pretty shit day today. essentially, everything that could go wrong, did. including a meeting i was much looking forward to, in which i was uncharacterstically frazzled, nervous and (at times) lost for words. i know, i know, when does this ever happen?

alas, we are each our toughest critics, and i’m harder on myself than most. and since we are emplolying this new positivity angle, i can’t help but wonder if maybe it’s not so bad to get knocked down a peg or two every once in a while. a little mortification to keep us humble.
a friend told me everything happens for a reason. this, i’m not too sure of.

what do you think? are ideologies such as this simply coping mechanisms? can there really be a fated order to things within such chaotic randomness? it’s tough to swallow, this idea that no one’s on your side. that you, yourself, are all you’ve got. but perhaps that is – in actuality – life’s most important lesson after all.