black mornings

despite our latest attempts to rise at six bells, bras and ranties has never (ever) been a morning person. we remember sleeping late as a toddler. rarely did we see a weekend morning as a teen. university saw us starting projects late the night before, our clock undoubtedly wound around that of the nocturnal bartender. even now we’ll wake up and simply decide not yet, rolling over for a few more hours of delicious shut eye.

and while this all lent itself rather well to doing our best living and working in the dark, it seems this way of life is no longer sustainable, now that we’re attempting to exist a functioning, sensible adult. in other words, bras and ranties needs to somehow become a morning person.

is it possible to transform across the spectrum; to shed the mottled skin of a night-owl for the dewy down of the early bird? we’re as yet undecided. all we can think about is bed.