blog lovin

that deep, rich, most assuming color. non-color. at once striking, powerful, graceful, glamorous, nothing, everything: the shade drips with proposition. everything looks better in it. with it. against it.

we’ve always been drawn in by it, resisted against vibrant brights if black sat a moody option. even the sound of the word as it bubbles across lips, an inky sputter designed to conjur up as much the color as its unending context.
a stroke of genius it was when two ad agency partners decided to actualize their shared appreciation for all things black: a curated online collection of interesting things. so long as it is black celebrates the noir within every and anything: fashion, literature, music and the arts, all brought together under one singular, shaded pretense.
if only brasandranties had kept things so simple.
check so long as it is black here, and don’t forget to share your own favorite blogs, sites and beyond. we’ll be updating our blog lovin list at right, so be sure to share the love.