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women dress alike all over the world – they dress to be annoying to other women (elsa schiaparelli)

so-quoted a friend the book recently, the words for whatever reason sounding resonance. humor. perhaps appreciation for the simplistic explanations of a woman, her dress.
whether or not she’s right we’ll leave to you to debate. confabulate. while its never in fact been a personal style motivator, annoying les autres seems just an unfortunate (unnecessary) side effect of our greater attempts. but that’s just us. we like to keep our steez wavering on the delicate line between sex and class (trust: the two are not mutually exclusive, despite what yo mama told you). and when in doubt we (of course) default to the former. it’s more fun over there anyway.
and yet (slooty style predilections aside) we seem to be scoring a rather healthy tally when measuring our wardrobe against our latest blogette fave: the man repeller.
the man repeller blogs what we already know: that often our men have no fucking clue why we’re wearing what we’re wearing. they know it must be now, assume they’d see similar if they cracked a mag, and yet they still don’t get it. sometimes they even hate it. we’ve experienced unforgettable looks (curiosity, bewilderment, confusion) from ours at the sight of: anything drop-crotch, oversized shoulders and our silk crop-top cape. funny beasts, aren’t they?
how about you? yes of course you dress for yourself (who doesn’t) but where do you land on the spectrum? do you mind what your man finds fugly? repellent? or do you rock out your hammer pants, your top-knots, your jumpsuits regardless? does fashion trump your sex appeal?

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  1. cody says:

    surprisingly my boyfriend supports the drop crotch, however trying to get him to agree with me on the purchase of a vintage technicolor Jantzen two piece pant suit was another story…

  2. Bangs and a Bun says:

    I must say I do feel sorry for guys having to make sense of what has become somewhat of a circus freak show in women's fashion. It's like we're all trying to one up each other in how crazy we can look (yes, Lady Gaga, I'm looking at you).

    Yes, it's great that we can wear what we want. God forbid anyone mention dressing in a way that should please men. We shouldn't do that, but if your outfit consists of hammer pants and a feather vest with coke bottles in your hair and you're wondering why men don't approach you, it may be time to reassess.

  3. Bryan says:

    Perhaps it takes a certain man to find the charm, the freedom, and the expression in that.

    Most men don't believe in clothing as a tool of self-expression. Finding one who does is a tricky thing for often they are a. homosexual b. unavailable c. batshit crazy and go overboard.

    While styles don't need to always mesh, the understanding that freedom of expression, and the construction of the exterior self is incredibly important in life, and relationships.

    Books have covers for a reason, to be read.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Here's the beauty of it all; men (or most of the ones I know and love) like us best in jeans & a tee. All of the rest is about us and for us. Let your freak flags fly if that's what gets your mojo going (and by freak flags I do mean hammer pants and such)…

  5. Anonymous says:

    If you've heard it once, you've heard it a million times: Men like women's clothes… on the floor. Women are beautiful creatures, so much more than men – and will always look best nekkid. So whatever makes a women feel at their very best, sexy, confident, etc. and translates into a good time, will translate into a greaaat night.
    When you ask me what outfit looks best as you change umpteen times a night while the pinot warms – dare I be negative in my assessment – you make the final decision in your mind, in your eyes, posture, and veins. But in the end, it’s a state of mind and an unexplainable confidence, and that’s all that matters to men. Richard Gere didn’t take Julia Roberts shopping to impress her with brands, but for her to impress herself with confidence. Funny what a new outfit can do for the posture…and sex life.
    Here's to women and fashion.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Well Said…Anon!

  7. Anonymous says:

    absolutely not. its insatiably exhausting to keep up that appearance for all 365…i think a healthy balance is key. when you do show up with that wonder and knock them on their ass or better yet have to pick up their eyeballs — then like good men do, they forget all the other days and replace the mental image with the one you're currently directing. for all the other days wear what lets you get shit done.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Well thank you Wiarton Willy for the reality check that women don't do their hair and make-up and go to bed in Victoria Secret every night. Nor do they go grocery shopping in snake skin pants and Manolo Blahnik's – well maybe some do?….
    One thing I know, it would suck to be Prince and have to run to the convenience store to pick up some smokes or whatever. Talk about a process.

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