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we just spent 20minutes guffawing at out laptop while reading quotes from the street. have you checked it yet?

written and moderated by a fabulous friend overseas, the site is an amalgamation of funny shit overheard while going about one’s day. and since most of the quotes come from are straight from the mouths of the sarcastic brits, they’re damn funnier than what you might overhear in our lovely town of toronto. unless you perked your ears a bit.
we just submitted our own, overheard on the streets at queen and spadina.
father to five year old daughter: hold my hand or else someone will steal you, ship you to china and cut off all your hair.

check the site here.

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  1. JB says:

    I too have just posted. Heard on a crowded elevator in NYC a few years back. As a Brit I love the site, thanks or should I say TA!!!!

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