blogette hearts

as we are consistently surprised by the talents of those who come across our path, we had to share with the group newly-found website talenthouse.

the site is quite literally a pitching platform for creative collaboration opportunities. usually with established artists or brands coming calling to the masses for the hidden talents amongst us. think film, fashion, arts, all. some current posts include: designing a tour shirt for mayday parade, being naomi campbell’s new photographer (when in doubt – duck), creating a viral video for beats by dr. dre or designing a new pair of id2 ski goggles for adidas.
opportunity is all around us. no excuses.



2 thoughts on “blogette hearts”

  1. Strutt says:

    i adore that!!

    i dont wanna be a victim no more!

  2. lolly love says:

    Thanks for this little post, we definitely appreciate it 🙂

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