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you may recall that bras and ranties was forced to skip our ten year high school reunion last weekend as a direct result of pre-made margarita poison. not a pretty picture. all the concealer in the world wouldn’t have made us look human that night.

the milestone did, however, incite reflection over the past ten years and how fucking old we are. and as we began to moisturize, we just couldn’t help but remark on the lack of female mentorship we saw in the workplace over those very long years. we’ve worked with some incredible women, don’t dare misunderstand. however we have also come across some not so much.
we remember interviewing at an agency a few years ago where our manager would have been female. as we were telling bras and ranties papa about the position, he lovingly informed us not to get our hopes up about the job, as we ‘don’t tend do well working with ladies.’
of course we brat-attacked but in restrospect we suppose the love bugger may have had a point. no doubt our personality can be a rather acquired taste, but there were a lotta mean ladies about town. and at times they made it rather a difficult task to acquire (and maintain) our bearings.
the whole thing left us curious about what you think. have you had a (true and authentic) mentor? has she inspired evolution in your job and the rest of your life? and are those in positions to inspire the next generation actually doing so?

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  1. Allison says:

    Interesting post.

    After a few minutes of serious thinking, I've concluded that all of my mentors are men.

    Sad, really.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I've been lucky enough to have two mentors thus far — one male and one female. I personally think there are great female mentors out there.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I had one fantastic mentor when my company was first acquired a couple of year's ago. She pushed me out of my comfort zone – including 'forcing' me to ask a question to the CEO during my first communications meeting in New York while 200 other PR types looked on.

    She always recognized my hard work to anyone who would listen, but also put me in my place when I was about to make a bad decision or when my work was sub-par.

    She inspired me to do better, and gave me more recognition and support than any boss, male or female, past or present, EVER has.

    Unfortunately, she moved on to another company where she is still equally revered. She continues to be the archetype for the kind of leader i aspire to be. Strong and opinionated, but with compassion and the ability to get the best out of people.

    Female mentors are out there, and the most important thing i've learned from being part of a hugely successful company is that the power-hungry, angry, scary people don't end up at the top. It's true leaders who are humble but strong with intense passion and the ability to inspire who are ultimately recognized and supported by their peers – and that is the only way you make it to the top. TRUST.

  4. iamlaura says:

    mentors aside, the pic you chose is wicked funny. loves.

    and yes, i was blessed with not one, but two female mentors who took me in and taught me much of what i know today. it's a opportunity i make every attempt to repay by providing mentorship to others.

  5. AOK says:

    I had one women mentor, she tried to ruin me – I tend to work better with the men and have had great success learning from them in my current position.

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