blogette update

we’re stoked to inform that the development of the new bras and ranties is finally (finally!) underway. along with updating and curating the blogette, our brand strategy consulting (pay dem bills) and getting ourselves into enough trouble to keep things interesting, we’ve also been working with our brand new digital partner to get this shit going. no wonder we feel braindead.

months of disappointment had brought us to our knees; the best of intentions manifesting into the poorest of executions. no one could understand the vision; perhaps we couldn’t understand it ourselves. but we refused to half-ass it.
our dedication to the chi brought us (albeit the long way) to this point, and we couldn’t be more pleased. we think we’ve finally found the one to bring our inspirations, visions and ranties to life. someone who can make it all real. we had a sneak peek of her designs yesterday and we’ve thought of nothing since.
in other words, it’s coming. and it’s going to be killer. patience pays off little pretties. trust.


(image stolen from we heart it)