blogging and blurghing

we have once again started our monday (and our week) inevitably exhausted, choosing to waste away the weekend in bed, forced to stay up late en blogette and rise early to meet a deadline.

pain and suffering awaits us.

but we wanted to start the week off right with a wee hello, just to say we hope you’re feeling better. see the moons changed (or some shit) on friday, and we know we certainly felt a shift in the wind. there’s been a strange air about a lot of people these past few weeks; the new season seeming to bring to light a lot of odd static and situations. our faithful horoscope book insists all should be well again.

lots of fashion write-ups for you below, and we’ll be back with a vengance to wrap those up and get back to our regularly scheduled programming. even this clothes horse can get tired of the runway. especially with so many rosettes and ruffles.