blogging en bed

such was the state of bras and ranties for most of the weekend, a rough week having caught up with us in mind, body and soul. true to form, life decided to throw some lemons our way last week, and we couldn’t quite find the vodka fast enough.

perhaps we’re not built for this. so many we know revel in the idea of living for their work, able to shake just enough off every weekend that they can keep on keepin on. every xboyfriend we’ve had to date has shared the same quality – something starkly amiss in our own lazy selves.

we’d have handled the work with a smile were it not for the rest; bad chi in one area tending to spread its tentacles throughout, bras and ranties has found. never having been known to hold our tongues, we find we have been continually forthcoming with the cold harsh truth – much to the dismay of our loved ones. needless to say, turns out we started a bit of a ruckus.

alas, this whole shebang is why we are here – to live learn and grow, n’est ce pas? not one of us is perfect, each of us can simply try and be a better version of the day before. in bras and ranties case, it means we promise we will try and be nicer. you heard it here first.