the other day, bras and ranties booked a much-needed highlight session with our colorist at john steinberg. we had a major root situation on our hands, and it was time to clean up a bit. the madonna look can only get us so far. but more than highlights, we were looking for something else. something different. a whole new way to do blonde.

fact is, every few years we dye our hair a striking new color; solely a result of pure boredom. and despite the fact that our father often loudly declares that our darker locks (coupled with our somewhat austere nose) lend our overall chi a bit of a wicked witch vibe, we much enjoy the change of pace for a while

but without fail we always return back to our blonded state (note the purposeful exclusion of the word natural) for a reason best described by marilyn monroe years ago: we want to feel blonde all over. truth is, our insides are blonde. somehow it’s a piece of our identity we’re not willing to part with. though life as a ginger sure can get interesting.

problem is, blonde is pretty. blonde is sweet. blonde is hot. but blonde is not edgy. wafer-thin highlights painted into your locks look natural and sunkissed. while we realize most girls are going for this look – bras and ranties is not most girls.

we took the plunge last week by painting a tiger tail into our locks. a striped chunk of hair behind our right ear, that peeks out for a growl every once in a while. we likey and we’re rocking it but we have officially identified our next endeavour. the ombre. we simply fucking love this (including the fact that most would wonder if we simply couldn’t afford highlights anymore) and we want want wantie.
don’t even get us started on the boots.

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  1. Katie says:

    Love the ombre. Do it 😉

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