good grief. as per a piece released by britain’s (rather declasse) daily mail, one in 20 british women have never had sex sober. like, ever.

according to the study, the (rather surprising) numbers are rooted in body issues and lack of self-esteem. the study found that the average woman has slept with eight partners, and on two of these eight occasions was unable to remember the man’s name the following morning.

say wha?

we are currently vascillating between absolute / utter horror and a curiosity as to whether the brits are simply having way more fun? we kid (sort of). but in all seriousness, what in god’s good name is going on over there, ladies?

no doubt, sex under (the right amount) of influence is a pretty good scene. inhibitions (if you’ve got em / and you shouldn’t) are forgotten and a certain sort of vibe takes shape. it’s one of the most fun things to do, with absolutely no ticket price. we mean, why wouldn’t you?

but to never have experienced the act while alert / awake seems painfully sad to bras and ranites – for afternoon delights are the best delights of all. we say, go get your freak on.

3 thoughts on “bonin’”

  1. AOK says:

    Ironically the last time I had sex was April 17th… the last time I had a drink was also April 17. Hmm… coincidence?! I think not – hahaha

  2. admin says:

    that is way too long ago my friend.

  3. AOK says:

    I hear that girl!

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