boobyball is only one week away! hope ya’ll secured your tickets – we believe they are gonzo.

we were quite saddened today to learn of the infeasibility of our incredible outfit idea for the party. that’s right, dear readers, our gold-inlayed free-floating shoulder caps were nothing more than a pipe dream; a mystical vision of the way things might have been, if bras and ranties could only sew. and if that whole gravity thing didn’t get in the way.

we’ve been left relatively uninspired as to plan b as of yet, and are thus relying on yourselves and your own creativity to bring it next friday. just a reminder, bras and ranties will be there to snap favorite outfits of the evening for a special street hearts series, so dress to impress.

have you heard? the save the boobies viral spot has raged like wildfire, garnering so much us press that bras and ranties can’t keep it all straight! abc, cnn, the view, maxim, you name it. apparently the yanks are rather surprised at the – ahem – juiciness of our breast cancer message. we say all press is good press, and by god aliya-jasmine has some damn fine tiddies.