the bounce is back

afternoon all. and pinch and a punch for the first of the month, the start of this november (our very favorite month, to be so revealed). we hope you each enjoyed your hallow’s eve weekend; whether wicked, wistful or a little bit of both, we hope it was delicious nonetheless.

a strange spooked holiday, halloween. to be honest we don’t enjoy it much, can never really writhe in the revelry the way the rest of you tend to. the dark and the light both come out that night, show their face (let madness out) with masks. public displays of devilry. freaks freaking us out.

one’s choice of costumery is almost always an insight, a peek inside (these theatrics require a notion of truth). costume as archetype: how we see ourselves, how we think the world may take us in. our alter egos, inner existences, linear lives come to life. this year, we were a peacock. last year, we went ‘naked’. interpret as you will.

the whole thing got us thinking, relating our resistance to the notion that we already kind of live like this on the daily en blogette. we’ve no real need for an outlet, a day ascribed to the alternative. we built our own stage, directed our own spotlight to our other-side, the after-dark. more of us should do the same, give the inside a chance to get out a bit more, however it may. letting one’s freak flag fly (to be frank) is good practice on the regular: the release, the refusal, the realism often a saucy mix to add into the every day. why not try and keep it up?