bras and pasties.

thought’s on riri’s fourth of july outfit? girl is representing the stars and stripes better than anyone else i saw, while partying @ tao in vegas with jay-z.

we must admit, we find pasties to be an intriguing idea for both fashion and, um, personal use. we’d have gone for the tassle option, however. probably in a fuschia. perhaps a red.

so what are your thoughts? are you pro-pastie or is this just a little over the top for a night on the town? we’re pretty sure we’d also need security accompaniment if we tried this particular variation…

as a post-script, holy rihanna has nice tiddies.

One thought on “bras and pasties.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    OTT and semi-lewd. Few can pull this look off with class, we feel.

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