bras and ranties anklets

holy balls, our diy anklets are in eye weekly.

when the marvelous snp emailed us last week asking for info and snaps of our attempted lanvin rip-off we were all about it. every girl can manage something quite similar, literally refashioned from old h&m necklaces, bracelets and two ponytail holders. but more importantly, we were stoked to pass along the spirit of it all – looking at what’s in your closet differently. seeing what your shiz could be with a little extra imagination. easily spicing up what you’re bored with and making it fresh. a new skin, if you will.

we fashioned these babies last week and have been tooling around town in them day and night. to the office and to the nail salon, to be exact. why wouldn’t we?
check the piece and the how-to here. tell us what you think. and if you give it a go, let us know.

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