bras and ranties hearts.

loving this idea.

the disposable memory project is a collection of disposable cameras that have been released into the world. people find them, take a few shots, and pass it along. when the camera’s full, it gets returned to home base.

check out the website to see some of the shots that have made it back, like the one @ right. this camera was released in london (dec 08 ) and returned in march 09 via cornwall, thailand and cambodia.

we are considering the recreation of this particular project in the toronto core, just as an experiment.

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  1. Matthew at the Disposable Memory Project says:

    It would be great if you wanted to create your own version of the project in Toronto, or if you want to just take part in our project, we can help you track the camera’s journeys. Drop me a line via the site, and we can chat about it!

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