bras and ranties @ the hills!

did you watch? did you read?

i was asked to live-blogette from the hills last night, which ended up being a live tweet-fest instead, as rogers communications sucks the big one and my carrier ‘is not compatible with web blogging at this time’. having fun in the dark ages lads?

i digress.

it was, in retrospect, an earth-shattering episode. why is this bras and ranties, you ask? was it because our favourite hills star ever lo was hosting? no! was it because stephanie pratt fucked up [literally] every time she tried to do anything? nope! was it audrina making her half-comatose bedroom eyes at brody as his canadian stripper girlfriend grabbed his junk? nuh-uh! was it kelly cutrone ripping stephanie pratt a new asshole in all her twisted, beastly, dirty glory? sort of…

the episode actually rocked my world because, for some ungodly reason, i am really starting to enjoy (slash…love?) spencer pratt. this has nothing to do with the fact that speidi was outed by perez last week for being major weedheads (which, for the record, is mighty apparent…overreaction! paranoia! total apathy!) he was just amahz last night: self-deprecating, sarcastic, dry humor…just the way i like ’em. dare i suggest that when lauren departs, the star of the hills may, in fact, be the nation’s favourite stalker?

watch it here.