bras and ranties resolutions

bras and ranties has come across more than a few karmic snobs in the past few days, each lamenting the process of resolving to change come new-year, preferring instead to move forward unburdened, self-satisfied. smug, more like it.

because you know as well as we do that intention without declaration is essentially bullshit. in fact, it’s been proven that one is more likely to realize success with their resolution if the the commitments are vocalized. and if friends (and dear readers) hold you accountable.
so here goes.
bras and ranties resolves for the new year (2010 edition)
1. be bigger and bolder
2. less ego, more id
3. better food for mind and creativity
4. engage with those who deserve a friend
5. disengage from those who don’t
6. write every day. brasandranties and beyond
7. be five minutes early. instead of 20mins late
8. keep shit in order. paperwork, admin and communication
9. more greens. less green
10. spend time in isolation
and you? care to share?


3 thoughts on “bras and ranties resolutions”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I resolve to take action, immediately and resolutely, without proclamation or abstract verbeage. For without action, words are but saliva falling off the edge of my tongue onto the floor, lost as my foot passes over it's droppings.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great to see that abstract verbage falling away, anonymous…

    More greens, less green. Word.

  3. Anonymous says:

    More kind.

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