bras and ranties tweets.

i’m pleased to report that twitter’s finally gettin’ good. though i still don’t quite understand it, and am sure i miss 99% of the good content. signing into twitter after a day offline makes you feel like your head’s on backwards. i mean, panick-tinged add. it’s not pretty.

at first, everyone was shyly feeling their way around this new platform that demands publishing your stream of consciousness. it’s an incredibly interesting thing to witness how unnerved people feel about shouting out loud. even i feel weird sometimes. but after a while everyone finds their comfort zone and true personalities come out!

rachel zoe vs perez hilton. it’s a twitter war! i’m totally team zoe.

by the way, are you on? are you tweeting? you can just watch and listen, for the record. you might as well – everyone else is doing it. find me here.