bras and ranties tweets

tonight is the season finale of the hills – will you be watching? if you’re watching, please follow bras and ranties as we live-tweet from the audience.

lauren conrad will be co-hosting with jessie and dan, as is finale tradition. this finale is extra-special, however, as it’s officially lauren’s last season of irrelevancy. hot mess kristen cavallari will be graciously filling lc’s louboutins, sure to bring us the drama, deceit and drinking that was so-blatantly missing from lauren’s rather vanilla lifestyle.

@cleopheeeaton happened upon the same la hotel as the hills filming over this past weekend. she described the group as douchebags and kristen as agro. cannot wait to learn more. keep you posted!

by the way, if you’re still not on twitter, what the fuck are you waiting for? facebook is so 2008. you can simply voyeur, if you so desire. follow me @brasandranties. if you absolutely refuse my twitter feed is, as always, proudly featured at right for your reading pleasure. tune in and log on!