bras & ranties boos.

while some of you hate gilt groupe because you can’t stop shopping, most of you are hating because you can’t shop at all.

turns out this ‘digital-age phenomenon’ can’t process canadian orders, period. it’s not about the address, it’s about the bank.

say wha?

tell me why these two women are being celebrated in the media as a current-day success story, yet they haven’t figured out how to circumnavigate this whole dollar/border discrepancy. everywhere else manages to get us our goods, and the us gov actually manages to score a pretty penny in the process. just imagine the incremental sales realized had they possessed the awarness that their neighbours to the north may not be feeling the financial crunch like their own.

tsk tsk.

i can’t figure out if they were bewildered (read: lazy) new business owners who’s success came as a surprise, or if they simply ignored us. either way, i’m disappointed that a previously adored brand has disappointed us so. however, we are on the case. keep you posted.

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  1. Jenny Bird says:

    Two recommends for luxe deal sites that happily take your Cdn credit cards adn ship up here while Gilt Group lags behind Most recent purchase was a pair of Stella sunnies no one in Toronto has carried (at a how-could-I-not price of $65 from $395) they shipped up here within 2 weeks…(but then I lost them during Hazel’s shoe sale….set them down on the shelves while I tried on countless Giambista heels and never saw them again…stolen new Stellas! so sad…:( and 2. – net-a-porter’s outlet is my cyber heaven and word up..Chloe arrives on outnet tomorrow (14th!!!)

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