finally home. the same old view with brand new eyes. many of you emailed: notes of new york noteworthies, queries for mid-shopping twitpics, calls of concern when we went tweet-less. one of you even thought we died. while we’re sure our usual play by play (in a highly superior playground) would have undoubtedly entertained, we needed the silence. we were aching for it.

we unplugged hoping to re-energize and recalibrate (our withering chi lately showing its boredom en blogette) but we came home with much more. no, we’re not talking about clothes (we got those too) or jewels (mmmhmm). what we came back with was perspective.
since our very first post, a number of people have asked after our vision. what we want to make of this thing. what we’d dream it to be, if it were. we used to laugh, shrug, brush the eagerness away. no planning, we’d decry. we’ll write what comes. let it be. it’s a fucking blog.
and yet a funny thing happens with the reigns too loose, driving fast-forward without a purpose (even an abstract one). something else takes hold of defining you, slowly turning the colors of what you thought you knew. of who you thought you were, what you thought it was. until one day in clarity, what you see is no longer your own.
our realizations will bring about new ways: for us to write, for you to confabulate and for the businesses to engage (it’s inevitable). and while we may not ever know what it is we actually are, what we’re now sure of is what we’re not. hey, it’s better than nothing.
image stolen via weheartit