a breath

how splendid, moments to our self. barely yesterday it was quite the contrast, a winter hibernated with few more but our pup, our own bedeviled banter and a peppering of carnal callings. perhaps a meeting or two so we could pay the rent. twas at once a delight and a plague, in many ways just a reversion of needstate. an adaptation to animal.

some gorgeous, wretched truths sure surface in solitude. hours spent in thoughts both tortuous and inspired, in bouts of discovery. you can end up places good, others far from. a rather interesting experiment if you have the chance.

and now returning to march, the return of something set free, the best summer days we’ve witnessed in life; these hours sometimes feel like they’ve turned to ash. but it’s really only in these moments where the mind moves on, evolving what you think you know, how you’re sure you feel. it’s no coincidence a brain enjoys tracing the walls of a maze with grace, it’s function to figure and problem solve. they’re critical and we should each use in earnest. spend time wisely. means more books less blogs. no bachelor, but bach. create, and carry your creativity with you even to places it doesn’t belong. and listen to the voice (the one that doesn’t involve your mouth).

2 thoughts on “a breath”

  1. Anonymous says:

    2 weeks later and still no What We Wore… Losing faith B&R.

  2. xobolaji says:

    so very awesome! love the silent pauses in your words. creates a beautiful opportunity to reflect. my favourite? *no more bachelor, but bach.* glorious! here's my favourite: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LU_QR_FTt3E

    oh, and PS, love the back of the head, head shot. powerful. xobolaji

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