well. we survived week one. it seems more than a few of you (especially those who know bras and ranties best) were rather concerned with how we would fare. jumping full throttle back into the goings on of a nine to fiver. we use both nine and five loosely.

we were tired. somewhat discombobulated. our steez oddly out of whack. but all in all, we good. we think we missed the real world. at least our ego did.
the move back did incite one rather difficult observation. or perhaps it’s simply an articulation of this wee speed bump in our chi. despite dramatic exit from the madness of agency life – freelance allowing us to (for the most part) dictate when we worked – we somehow never managed to actually chill out. we never let go of our stress. stress we created, no doubt, because it was just what we were used to.
now that we’re back in the swing of things we’ve come to realize we’re not exactly starting from equilibrium. perhaps it’s a state too difficult for a girl like bras and ranties to get back to. perhaps it’s what give us our edge.
perhaps we’re just not trying hard enough.