but thanks, and thanks.

happy givings to you from a very thankful bras and ranties. we hope the long weekend found you tripping on your tryptophans and loving every minute of it.

we spent the weekend in a rather precious way, the unwavering aftermath of an evening spent fueled by oversized tequila shots (and only oversized tequila shots, thank god for the accoutrements and pineapple chasers). one simply cannot be expected to bounce back as she used to after a night spent on the bathroom floor, ya knows?

regardless, the festivities had us thinking about the concept of gratitude and whether we live a normal day within the spirit of the sentiment. we must admit that – at times – it takes more energy to be positive; cynicism a surprisingly simple route for the brain to opt for. gratitude and humility tend to fall off the radar when it comes to our daily awareness, and we were glad to have a stuffing-formed reminder of its human importance this weekend.

a consumptive society will focus on what’s missing, rather than what’s already there. it’s truly so important to take stock of what you’ve got and to be thankful of the life you have. don’t waste energy or heartbeats on what’s missing – you’ll miss everything that’s there.

big thanks givings to you this day and every day, my bras and ranties lovers and closet-readers. couldn’t do it without ya.