calling all junkies.

well apparently there’s this thing called the brand junkie awards. a public recognition of the brands (as chosen by “you” the public) that inspire and shape our world. the brands that define and design our culture. the “it” brands. the zeitgeist.

what i want to know is wtf is wrong with everyone?! why are there only staid, mainstream brands in the latest results? you want to have dinner with Nike? and get in an argument with Microsoft? mothafuckinzzzzzzzz.

i have spent my career thus far trying to build brands that talk to you about the stuff that matters to you! so stop telling me that brands long past their expiration date are still resonating with you. because i know they’re not! i know there’s stuff out there that gets to you! shit that gets you excited! that you legitimately (yet secretly) think is cool! and i know it aint starbucks.