coocoo for choo

just so we’re clear, these are the shoes that ladies went bat-shit bananas over the weekend, when h+m released their capsule collection by jimmy choo. meh.

it was when girls were spotted lining up outside the bloor street h+m at 6pm on friday in order to have first pickings the next morning that bras and ranties knew something had gone terribly awry.

while it would hardly be fair for us to snort at the extremes one may be willing to go to for fashion, an overnight campout for what appears to be shoe gone prom we will not support. is there a chance, dear things, that perhaps you were buying the hype, not the shoe? is this choo worth your dignity?

by the way sonia rykiel’s first collection for h+m wll be released december 5th. a 70 piece lingere and accessories collection, we admit we are extremely intruiged. we still won’t line up though.
(image stolen from urbanebloc)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Agreed. Lining up for clothing? I dont even line up for a club. Why would I line up for an outfit?

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