deep thoughts.

a few of you emailed me today after having days of bad chi yourselves. i hoped you each managed to sleep it off and gain a fresh perspective on the situation come morning. it’s not really as bad as it first seemed, is it?

i, for one, woke up pretty much over monday’s chi-buster, though i still shudder a little bit whenever my mind creeps back there. can’t help it, i sometimes obsess.
living with worry or anxiety about something is a heavy burden. but it’s often even more difficult to decide to simply let things be, turn away and move along. it takes a reason and pragmatism; two characteristics that are often simply annihilated by emotion. it’s important, then, to try and remember that emotions are often irrational and disruptive, and just let that shit go.
so i hope that for each of you, today’s the day you let it go, whatever it may be. appreciate the way that it changed you, and move along cookie. life’s waiting for you.