delivery boys

bras and ranties received a lovely batch of fleurs this afternoon, apparently (and rather astonishingly, we’re sure, for those who are forced to deal with us on a regular basis) for simply being us. divinely romantic. even if they are from a chick.

we don’t believe when girls say they don’t like flowers. we know you’re lying. having flowers delivered makes every girl’s insides squeal (and every other girl’s tinge a rather sad state of green, if only for a moment – or two).
we have an xboyfriend who used to send us flowers at work at least once a month. unfortunately they were most often an organically-formed apology, but we must admit the gesture did win him our favor (and probably a few more months in the grand scheme). we think it was simply refreshing to have a romantic man around; gentlemanly behavior sometimes being what can make a woman feel most feminine. whatever it was, we liked. a few unromantic ones later, we’d almost forgotten the thrill!
so a thousand thanks to you, dear friend, for the lovely ones and for simply being you.