designing life

we read somewhere (some source unsure, a web-based whisper, an unidentified digital dig) that the pressures of moving were emotionally akin to losing a loved one or family member. now as a soul who’s lost a love (that painful thud in the gut: a door closing with unexpected departure) we can only scoff at the notion. we’d take this transition any day. but there’s hardly any doubt that the process is exacting; a formidable change to a most primary human need. it inevitably leaves one feeling all fucked up, upside down, unsure. the search for comfort unyielding, home a fuzzy memory removed. each night we find we force our eyes wide, just to be sure we are where we are. it’s really all kindsa weird.

and yet the oddly process has also allowed us a most fundamental fine-tuning, our chance to be released from beneath piles and piles of stuff. every possession we owned was put through a rigorous edit, the purpose only to pare down. to lighten the load that seems to lock us in a place; a burden gathering weight timidly, nudging us slowly toward suffocation. so we tossed it over the threshold, gave it new life with lives who have much less. people to whom our things would matter. and in doing so, we were left with only what matters most to us. more than a fair trade. life seems lighter, our breath now revolves with more ease. good chi all around. we’d highly recommend it.