the dickie

re the zeitgest and responsibility of a generation and a conversation confused due to the limits of bbm and the hyperbolic effects of thc

dear bras and ranties reader,

after some recreational dutchie indulgence, i began a bbm conversation with ms. newts about zeitgeist, toronto, atlas shrugged, and the responsibility of our generation. being far too deep a conversation for bbm, after about 5 minutes of wtfs back and forth, i was asked to put my opinion into the form of a rantie for b+r, and open it up for debate. the result is as follows…

i live on queen w; not a condo, nor an air conditioned unit and certainly not at an impressive address. i’m kept awake by the noise of streetcars, the hideout, and all drunk chicks at tattoo. i’m compensated in-part with a big patio that overlooks the tower and the best strip of grafitti in toronto. still, people always ask me “why”? why not live in a condo? why put up with the noise? why not grow up and buy a real place?

my answer is simple; i want to be a part of what queen w is remembered for. anyone that’s had a drink here, that’s partied here, that’s smoke the good stuff here, that’s played connect four here, that sing songs to my broken guitar here. i think that queen west is as close as our generation will get to a yorkville of the ‘60s and i think its our responsibility to celebrate decide for ourselves how we want it to be remembered.

what we don’t hear enough is that this – all of this – is ours to define. not simply a nicety, but rather a responsibility as a member of our generation. we hear we’re apathetic. though i disagree, i can’t argue with our apathy toward taking responsibility for being who we are with confidence and without apology.

i hear people bitching about how our city is lame or the 2000s are balls compared with the 60s (or 70s or 80s or 90s). well it’s our responsibility to figure out what those defining, charming characteristics are around us, then amplify them; to ensure our time is remembered for all that it was, not for all that it could have been.
if you don’t like a city, move. if you don’t like a neighbourhood, find one you do like. if you don’t like any bars, open one. just quit with the melodrama about how bored you are; instead, make the scene one that’s not boring. make this your city; figure out what’s missing and fill in the gap.

let’s not be remembered as the generation that just looked back (and all around) but did fuck all to advance who we are as a society; instead, let’s push forward and define new styles, and new art, and new music, and use new media in ways never thought of. we are the first generation to have this widespread amplification of our voice; let’s not fuck it up. no mo problems – just solutions.
consider it. dickie.

4 thoughts on “the dickie”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well said. I've never had any patience for people who sit around and complain — do something about it!

  2. Jennifer Noble says:

    nicely put. Life is what you make it. Our responsibility is to remember this and live by it.

  3. iamlaura says:

    condos are suburbs in the city. generic. boring. balls. why oh why would anyone ever want them in our neighbourhoods, let alone want to live in one.

    i'm talking to you, liberty village.

  4. Anonymous says:

    the west coast is too sprawling, the middle is nothing, the east is slow, the french are dicks, markham is trite, yonge and eg is poser, yonge and bloor is corporate, leslieville is behind, condos are yuppy, but queen west – that my friends is where to be.

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