we have been staring at this montage du montag for the past ten minutes, while dutch contributes a disturbing soundtrack gnawing on a bone beside us. as we attempt to piece together the journeys of heidi montag’s former face we involuntary shudder every time his teeth achieve that echoing crack. that split of bone.

we’re pervertedly mesmerized by this transmogrification of this face, the journey of a small town sweetie pie along the pipes of the pop culture machine.
while we admit we can’t fathom the pressure that accompanies a career reliant on the aesthetic appearance (whichever list one may happen to land upon) we just can’t find a source of empathy for this girl. this girl (she’s 23) embodies every single thing that is broken.

what insecurity. fame without talent, artfulness nor merit. a girl’s inability to stay aware and authentic of herself while in the spotlight and in her relationship. an ass backwards moral code, somehow unscathed because she and her husband are having a threesome with jesus.

we know we have a dirty habit called the hills, but this may be enough to curb the affliction. we don’t think we could bear to watch this every week. though we can’t wait to see what she (and her ass implants) looks like four years from now.

7 thoughts on “disturbia”

  1. Anonymous says:

    agreed. i won't be tuning in for season 6. i've had enough of this fakery…

  2. Anonymous says:

    People magazine happened to grace the presence of my cottage kitchen table this past weekend (a dirty cottage habit)and I could not help but to read the 5 page spread about this fame whore. It actually disgusted me that she has allowed herself to be engulfed by pop culture to this extreme.
    This chic needs a flippen reality check (and I dont mean by spreading her face across a 'Reality TV Show'. Perhaps she should open her eyes to the more important facets of life.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I feel sad for her. She must not like herself very much at all. I agree with the comments above. She needs a reality check. Her self absorbtion is pathetic.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I find it both disheartening and somewhat naive that all fingers point to this girl and her ‘choices’. While I am not suggesting that we don’t have free will, nor do I believe that we should not be held accountable for our actions, I think we would all be better off if we started to think more critically about the systemic nature of this matter. Heidi’s ‘cutting’ and self-objectification reflects a deeper issue—one that is both institutionalized and enmeshed in our culture—that is misogyny (now don’t go getting all aflutter—I’m not talking about brute male domination over women, but rather the normalization of beauty myths that are both unhealthy and unattainable, and which treat women’s bodies as commodities). Perhaps we ought to gear our attention toward ‘constrained choices’!

  5. admin says:

    we couldn't agree more. truth be told, we wouldn't want to see how bras and ranties fared if for some reason injected into this absurd and perverted way of life. and that's the point; it's the machine itself that's broken. the little girls left beaten, bloody and cracked out at the end of it are collateral damage.

    we should be celebrating real artists. finding unique talent. exposing industry truths. disallowing profit oriented brainwash. maintaining the line between pop culture and porn. and never accept plastic, conformed mediocrity as culturally iconic.

    (looks like the masses are starting to feel the same though, heidi's first album has sold a whopping 689 copies. huzzah)

  6. Gilda says:

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