do you?

i sincerely hope you all subscribe to whowhatweardaily. if you do not, click here immediately.

today post: currently channeling pleasantville. totally affirmed the rather random vintage dress i picked up over the weekend. it’s salmon. with white printed sailboats. very betty draper.

two ex-mag girls started the site and provide daily doses of fashion and trend, styled on girls who are relevant, interesting and real. j’adore.

One thought on “do you?”

  1. Aurora says:

    The only thing possibly better than WWD is WWWD & the only thing better than WWWD is WWWWD. I actually DIE laughing every time I get that email.

    I wonder when we'll figure out who writes it.
    My guess is still on Jack McCollough & Lazaro Hernandes.

    If anyone has missed it, please check it out:

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