dot dot dots

have you ever had a secret? you’ve held it deep inside – nodding along with the world while they tell you otherwise, breath imperceptibly catching on its way up. the body’s nod to the truth.

bras and ranties’ secrets sometimes come to us in waves, currents of intuit that tell more in their depth than any tangible thing in front of us. it’s as if we can look right inside into the pit of a person, and feel what it is that directs them. what compels them. how it hurts. how to hurt. we can’t imagine from where the insight arrives, glowing in pit of the chest, an antennae to something else.

and yet most of us ignore it, any connection with the intangible dropped from cultural agenda long ago. you can’t make a profit on divinity after all. as a result, as a whole, we’ve stopped listening, missing the opportunities zooming past over our heads, ready for the taking. missing signals. missing truth.
only one form of the divine is still addressed by the mainstream masses. it’s called love. it’s intangible. it’s ethereal. and it’s real. in the spirit of its upcoming day, open minds, hearts and souls to the rest of it. intuition. creativity. passion.
something. anything.