dresses and jewels.

on tuesday bras and ranties joined some inimitably fabulous femmes about town at an adorable lunch at the four seasons, complete with vera wang/birks bridal show swirling around us. it was very ‘ladies who’ – though my mc hammer harem pants fit right in. for the record, those puppies were lost upon chef cory.

it was most especially exciting for the brides-to-be, and i admit i kept a good eye on the merchandise, if only to dutifully report back to my other pals avec fiancé. the looks were classic, feminine, romantic. just how most girls always dream of.

i’ve personally never dreamt of my wedding. god only knows what i’m going to be into by the time that shit goes down. but i do know that if my wedding was tomorrow i’d totally go short. like – megatastic short. and probably not white. and definitely with nude christian louboutin pumps.

but then again, you get one day to dress up like this chick: in the most glamorous ensemble of your life. the beautiful and the damned. gives me goosebumps.