i’ve always been a shit-talker. i’m feisty. and opinionated. if you have ears and are conscious, i’ll probably start blabbing away. and, as you know, i take to the interweb to make my opinions known.

and every once in a while, depending on my emotional well-being and my current blood alcohol level, i will take to the medium of email to let out some pent up pissed offedness. often with regret, immediately after boldly clicking send.

which is why i’m pretty stoked that gmail has now intro’d undo send. you’ve got five seconds (usually enough time for the ‘oh fuck’s, unless you’ve already passed out in your makeup) to call back your email. you can turn it on in gmail labs.

ps: gmail. how counterintuitive and user-unfriendly. hate it. but i use it, because i can’t figure out how to set up outlook. help.