ew. i will admit to irresponsible tanning behaviour, but jesus. brit women have been going apeshit for this stuff called melanotan, seeking the illegal injections at spas now offering the service underground. supply, meet demand baby.

side effects of the drug include: high blood pressure, nausea, panic attacks, and a sexy ass tan. after all, you gotta look good while you’re hyperventilating and barfing. at least that’s my motto.

One thought on “dumbass.”

  1. melanotan - afamelanotide says:

    Amazingly enough melanotan-1 (under the generic name “afamelanotide”) has been developed into a bioabsorable subcutaneous implant by an Australian company called Clinuvel.
    Wired Science cover this news:
    Suntan Drug Greenlighted for Trials

    They’ve been working on it since 1999 (up until 2005 they just referred to the drug as “melanotan”).


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