the end of an era.

one of the world’s most infamous love triangles was finally put to rest today, when it was revealed that archie has finally chosen to pop the question to veronica lodge.

personally, i can’t see why everyone’s so surprised. didn’t anyone ever tell you – nice girls finish last. i’m sorry, but it’s true. you can do your best to behave with poise and fairness, but when it comes down to business it’s about survival of the fittest. and though competitiveness is regarded as a masculine characterstic, i’d hazard a guess this trait is actually probably even fiercer within women.

sorry betty…you lose. [for the record, i never could quite see what all the fuss over archie was about anyway. i suppose my dislike for the firecrotch variety began early]

4 thoughts on “the end of an era.”

  1. Ally - AOK says:

    So are you saying you dislike redheads?! 🙁
    xo AOK

  2. deeply offended says:

    yeah it’s ok to hate on red heads, I guess you’re just perfect. you’ll regret posting this you fucking low life. who cares what you say anyhow? this is the only time anyone responds to your nonsense in case you didn’t notice…loser

  3. admin says:

    oh get the fuck over yourself. so i don’t like guys with orange pubes. this affects you how?

    aok – this was obviously not in response to you. i love your pubes!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Book to read….Why Men Marry Bitches. Bitches being an acronym and I can’t remember what it stands for but a fab read.

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