evan biddell

we were certainly stoked to see what evan biddell had in store, his clothing and his attitude having ganered him a fan in bras and ranties for a while now.

it was in this collection that we saw some of the first pieces in lg fashion week that bras and ranties was dying to wear. one came in the form of this harem onesie, the top a rubbery charcoal with a soft grey ankle length harem situation. j’adore.

we also loved evan’s deep-v draped caftans, one in a stunning orange crush colored silk. we saw lots of volume around the hips and thighs via drapes, jodhpur shapes or sharp architecture; good news for those of you with the child-bearing variety. there were lots of hoods, even in the most casual of jersey fabrics. and we love a good hood (except on a man) as it can be trusted to add an elegant eccenricity and drama to the most basic pieces.
check out the collection here, truly one of our favorites from the week.

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  1. Strutt says:

    i loved evan biddell!

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