favie: evan biddell

our favorite fashion was evan biddell. his collection was extreme (purposefully, no doubt) and experimental: shapes taking on multi-dimensions, architecture come to life, textiles not meant to be worn. some would regard it as choppy, without influence. but we could see it from its first step: creatures, slowly roaming. mcqueen hooves brought atop, around the body: a coat with prehistoric spine. reptilian legs. it was all decidedly jurassic. we could honestly rock it.

biddell is presenting a collection at toronto’s alternative fashion week (fat) next week, and we’re hoping all of it will soon be at his studio boutique oz so we can see the goods up close.

(image by jenna wakani stolen from fashion)

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  1. Jess and Thou says:

    He never disappoints. My fav too!

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